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Orientation - 45 min.

During an orientation appointment, you’re welkom to meet L’Atelier and the tailoring process. We’ll present you our fabric and design options. This appointment is completely without h obligation. We recommend to gain some inspiration on pinterest or Instagram prior to this appointment.

Tailoring - 60 min.

In the event you’re interested in a tailored suit, we will go over the fabrics and designs in more detail. During this appointment we’re going to measure you and with 4-6 weeks your suit is ready.

Wedding suit - 90 min.

Need a wedding suit? This process is the same as the normal tailoring process, but we take some extra time for it. Just so we can create  your suit in all peace.

Fitting - 30 min.

Last but not least, we plan a fitting. This is a moment to check if the suit fits perfectly. If any adjustments have to be made, our in-house tailor will adjust  it . This last step is included in the final price.