The situation around COVID-19 asks for serious precautions, also for us at L'Atelier. If you have an appointment and if you don’t feel well, please do not come visit us for a new suit or fitting. If you do want to visit us, please come alone.

The health of our customers and our employees is of the utmost importance
That is why, when the coronavirus recently reached our country, we immediately took a large number of hygiene measures. Because we think it is important that our stores are a trusted place in the neighborhood, where everyone can get their tailor-made suit, our stores remain open as long as possible. We do ask for your understanding in cooperating with our precautions.

Would you rather not go to our stores at the moment?
You can still count on us. We really want to prevent you from leaving home unnecessarily. That's why we temporarily offer you tailoring at home or at your office. This offer is only applicable for new tailor-made suit appointments, not for adjustments or customers who are already in the process of adjusting.

Please book your appointment via our website.

Keep it real, stay safe & healthy.

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See you soon at L'Atelier Tailoring!

*please contact us if the available timeslot you prefer is not available more so we could discuss the possibilities.